Who are we?

We design elegant and affordable mobile-friendly websites and offer internet marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to provide people and businesses with access to the global marketplace. By creating an exceptional web presence, through the combined use of a website, social media accounts, online reputation management, and search engine optimization.

At Primary Web we keep up with recent updates to search engine development and algorithms that affect user interface and accessibility. We use all the tools necessary to get your business known throughout the web for what you do. We specialize in building dynamic websites, and a strong social media presence to increase your business reach by focusing on content, reputation, and keyword optimization. Get in touch with us.

Web Presence

Your website is the ambassador to your business, the first thing people see when searching products on the web and your online business card, it should stand out and catch people’s attention.

Social Media

Social signals are the best method to make your voice heard by the masses. We can help you communicate to your customers by maximizing your online presence through multiple social media accounts.

Responsive Design

Make your website visible across multiple platforms with responsive web design. More people are accessing the internet with their phones and tablets than ever before, be sure you’re website is ready.


Our staff reviews the latest trends in web design and stays abreast of the changes in technology. Designing is about the marriage of fantasy and reality, don’t let limitations stand in the way of your vision.

A little about us…

We come from humble beginnings but what we lack in wealth we make up for in savvy. Primary Web Design began slowly, but recently partnered with a team of strategists to help build our web marketing company from the ground up. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their web marketing goals.

Keeping up with the latest trends in content placement, style guidelines and keyword relevancy has helped tremendously and is what sets us apart from other small firms who don’t keep up with the changes in technology. We believe that creating a total web presence for your business is the only way to achieve this goal.

Located in Historic Savannah, GA.


Primary Web Design offers a free consultation for site design and management. In this initial consultation we will go over as many aspects of the project as possible and decide on a plan that best suits your companies needs. Through careful communication we will craft a solution that you can be happy with and allow you and your business to come to an agreement on whether the solution is right for you or not. Website design can be as complex or as simple as your needs require and tailoring a solution to fit your companies needs is the most important part of beginning the design project.


Planning the design aspects and setting milestones will help to keep the goal of the construction heading in the right direction. Planning days for item completions, page development, logo design and content writing is crucial to the completion of the work. Staying on top of deadlines and meeting short term goals is the most effective way to see your vision, or your companies vision to the finish line of a successful website.

Construction Details

If your company is looking for tailor-made icons, fonts, logos or content this will be in the details of the construction. These details will help us to manage your vision and construct a website that will give you an important and balanced presence on the web. Great websites don’t just dazzle their customers, they get them engaged and force them to become interested in whatever your business is setting out to accomplish – whether you are trying to inform, sell a product, or get them to join your group the construction will be where you determine the right fit for your business.

Project Management

Empowering the client to build a website that is manageable and focuses on maximizing an online presence is our specialty. Staying on top of goals and seeing them to completion is the bedrock of a good business relationship. Since we are a small firm, we don’t have the overhead most larger companies do, and we are better able to discuss options that will work for you and your company and keep the project within a reasonable scope while accomplishing your vision. We approach our clients on a one-on-one basis and keep in close contact with them until the project is complete.


Once your website is finished, and you and your business are up and running there will be questions that you will most likely have as a result of this new venture. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns that you may have and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of the design process or need to make changes to your existing site this can be handled easily and with great care. Simply contact us via email, or call us directly to solve whatever problem you may be facing.

Aaron is amazing website designer as well as artist. His work is beyond amazing and he always operates in an expedient and cost effective manner in everything that he does. I would recommend him any day of the week!

Sarah Osborn

Paralegal , Tyler Lee Randolph, P.C.

I contacted Aaron because of the work he did. He asked that I tell him about our group and our goals and missions in order to create a symbol for it. The symbol that he created was absolutely right on about who we were! Listening is the key to helping and I believe that Aaron knows how to do this. I recommend him highly!

Jeff Tuck

Branch Manager, Dougherty Equipment Company

I knew Aaron in high school and at that time he was quiet. We reconnected via Facebook and he has been a busy bee since graduation. He is an amazing writer and even started his own business. He speaks eloquently and has a vast imagination.

Melissa Epps

Online Experience Rep, GoDaddy

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Contact An Expert For A Free Quote