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Discover how easy it is to increase your visibility online and be known for what you do. Let us help you take the confusion out of getting your business found through search engine ranking, and establishing yourself as a leader in your local market. Contact us today!

Comprehensive marketing strategies for your specific industry

We take the guesswork out of internet marketing. We don’t separate SEO, SEM, Adwords, Authority Pricing, Industry Specific Vendors, Reviews & Reputation, Social Media or Press Releases into ala-carte categories. We make things simple and affordable, and we have several options tailored to your industry needs.

We understand that you want to increase your visibility on the internet. You want your business to be found online by customers who are looking for exactly what you do. 48% of mobile searches start on search engines. Which is why your business will need a mobile marketing strategy if it hopes to compete with other local businesses. Internet marketing is designed to make your business visible to those 80% of people who use their smartphone to find local businesses and perform reputation research online before shopping.

Your internet marketing strategy shouldn’t just focus on getting you to the top slot on Google, it should also focus on gathering reviews from your customers, making incentive-based offerings to them, as well as focusing on building a social media following to engage them and keep them coming back. Instead of separating these things out trying to make them work individually, we incorporated them all into one inclusive internet marketing strategy that is tailored to fit any small to medium-sized business.

At Primary Web we don’t focus on individual strategies that end up leaving your business failing in some key category. We don’t offer ala-carte plans that will leave you lacking in other aspects of your marketing strategy. Ala-carte plans will get you listed on business citation sites, but may fail to handle your reputation and social media, or they may get a plan for your social media, but fail to handle your link-building strategy or special incentives. Ultimately, your marketing campaigns will fail, and leave you dissatisfied with their results. We focus on a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to fit your individual business needs and focus our attention on your specific industry to create results-driven campaigns designed to drive customers to you.

Services that we bundle into every marketing package

Business Verifications

Each search engine provides detailed information about a business’s Name, Address, and Phone number that they gather from business citation sites like Yelp, Moz, Yellowpages, Local, Foursquare and others. This is a free service set up by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search providers. However, the information is not always accurate or up-to-date and adding your business information must be performed indiviually by a company representative. We handle this crucial step for you, and make sure your information is correct and claim your business profile for you, so that your business can be discovered by customers who are looking to spend money on the products or services you offer.

Maps Insertions

Mobile devices have become the most popular method for customers to find your business online. And, GPS is the fastest and easiest way for customers to locate and get directions to your business. In fact, Google now offers a business marketing tool bundled with their Maps service that allows customers to message you directly through the app. For these reasons, it is imperative your business be discoverable on places like Google Maps, Waze, Mapquest and Apple maps. We ensure that your business is visible across these major platforms so customers can find and get directions to you quickly and easily.

Social Media Engagement

Businesses taking advantage of social media have proven to be more effective in their local markets. These social media signals also add more backlinks and instances of your business name online and help to increase your business’s visibility. Social media is also a great way to engage and inform your customers of special incentives and the latest news about current events and upcoming promotions your business may be offering. We also provide a customized graphics package which can help attract new customers and give your business a fresh face for your social media pages.

Reputation monitoring

Your online reputation is an invaluable tool for your business. 84% of consumers say that they trust reviews from strangers online, often more than word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family. These reviews build an online reputation that can be the deciding factor on a customer’s decision to choose you over your competition. We track and monitor your reviews and help to capture reviews from happy customers by prompting them to give positive feedback after a purchase is made. Our “Positive Feedback Campaign” helps to build your reputation online and obtain valuable advertising that translates to more customers.

Keyword Optimization

Choosing the best keywords for your business is mission critical for driving traffic to your site from search engine queries. Optimizing these keywords help to dramatically increase your chances of being discovered online for exactly what you do. Along with keywords on the page you want to have your alt tags and title tags to be useful and correct. We employ wonderful writers who perform this type of analysis. We want you to be known for what you do. In addition, our writers prepare targeted press releases about your company that help search engines return your business in the queries as an authority in your field.

Special Incentives

Incentives, like coupons, sales, and free offers, help to generate new customers who are more likely to come to your store and make a purchase. Mailing list promotions are extremely effective in terms of building repeat customers. We help your business design and implement aggressive campaigns that employ all of these tools effectively.

Choose from one of our three plans tailored to help your business grow.

Search Engine Optimization and targeted business listings help your business get discovered by your customers at the exact time they’re searching for your product or service.


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